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I know. It's been awfully quiet around here. I've been working on my new business website, NCO Style, with it's very own blog. I'm still not sure what's to come for B&F but if you are looking for some style inspiration check out my new blog here. And if you're a Bostonian needing a little style help, please contact me at
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Shop Smart II: Shopping Trip Tips

1. Shop after a meal- It's never a good idea to go hunting for frocks and baubles on an empty stomach. Eating before you shop ensures that the clothes you buy will give as your body expands throughout the day. Your clothes should fit comfortably (think one to two fingers worth of slack) before you eat a big meal.

2. Bring Snacks- Protein is your best friend when you're shopping. Nuts and water are always a good idea to keep in your bag. If worse comes to worse, find a Starbucks.

3.  Wear the Right Underwear- By "right" I  means nude underwear and a nude, seamless bra. Both go well under anything. Don't forget a strapless bra if  you are planning on wearing one under whatever you are shopping for. Bring along a pair of Spanx if you are shopping for clothes that you would typically wear with shapewear.

4. Time it right- Two to three hours is the longest most people can shop before cognitive overload sets in and their hunger and attention start to get the best of them. Check out retailers you are interested in online before you go shopping. This will give you an idea of the stores you really want to check out and the places  you can skip if your energy starts to wane.

Favorite Things for Spring

1/// Microni Markers for taking notes, keeping up with my calendar and sketching outfit ideas. They don't bleed which is why I love them. 2/// My latest hair elastic obsession by Alex & Isabelle discovered in my Blog Better Boston (fantastic) swag bag. 3/// Kloraine Soothing Eye Makeup Remover with Cornflower (aka- the *best* eye make-up remover ever created). I was introduced to this product by Birchbox and immediately bought the full size version before finishing my sample. It's only $9 for 3.38 oz.! 4/// Jouer Lip Gloss in Birchbox pink (not longer available). Another Birchbox favorite that I ordered when my sample ran out. It's one of the only bright lip glosses I've found that actually allows you to build the color to the brightness you are most comfortable with. 5/// The latest addition to my sunglasses collection (on sale!) by Corinne McCormack from Anthropologie (no longer available online but might be hiding on a sale rack in stores!).

What are your favorites right now?


Cute (and Comfy) Casual Sandals

For about three days last week I was duped into thinking summer was here. My desire to eat vegetables, go to the gym and clean increased considerably. Now that the warm streak is over, I'm left a little wiser (Boston is perhaps not the best city for me to effortlessly maintain good habits inspired by sunshine) and  thinking  about dressing for warmer weather. While I might have been hasty in my rush to find stylish summer options, that doesn't mean I shouldn't share the fruit of my (premature) research with you. First up: cute (and comfy!) sandals.



Shop Smart I: 3 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Shopping Trip

If great weather doesn't inspire you to get into your closet and pull out some great stuff to wear then... you and I probably don't have a whole lot to talk about. Just kidding! I hate cleaning my closet but it's always a little easier if I tell myself I can go shopping--even if it's for something small--after I do.

To get the most out a your next shopping trip, you gotta do a little prep work. Here are three tried and true methods to making your next trip to the mall more productive.

1. Assess your closet.
Before you hit stores take a look inside your closet and think about what basics are missing. Do you find yourself wishing you grabbed a bunch of new t-shirts the last time you had the chance? Are you kicking yourself for not getting around to buying a pair of those brightly colored pants that you're seeing everywhere? Think about what items you find yourself wishing you had when you feel like you have nothing to wear.

2. Make a list.
Make a list of all the items you often wish you had in your closet but don't. Don't judge the length of your list or what's on it. Just write down all your little heart desires. You don't have to buy everything on your list.  In fact, you  probably shouldn't (in one shopping trip, anyway). Next assess what pieces you need the most from your list. How do you know what's the most important? Scratch off your list any desired items that cannot be combined with  items you already own to create two or three new outfits. Now prioritize the items you have left based on your budget and what you are most excited by.

3. Shop with Props.
In order to be sure you can create two to three new outfits with new items, you're going to need to bring some things from your closet with you (props). You can either bring or wear things you love and wear often or bring photos for reference. By having clothes (or pictures of clothes) with you when you go shopping, you can see if the items on your list pair well with what you like most in your closet. If you're not  sure if your new additions go with your existing clothes, try pairing thing together from the comfort of your home. Obviously just keep the tags on and your receipts handy. Whatever doesn't sparkle with the rest of your wardrobe goes back to the store. Happy shopping!


Do Your Butt a Favor

Thing are going to get a little radical around here in a sec. Ready?

The back pockets of your jeans should sit squarely on the widest and roundest part of your butt.

This fact is only getting more pronounced as skinny jeans continue to dominate. Nothing accentuates your butt more than a skinny jean so it’s really important to take a look at what’s happening with your back pocket situation with this style of denim. I don’t care what your body looks like or what gender you are. If the pockets of your jeans are not sitting on the roundest part of your butt, you’re doing yourself exactly *no* favors. Take a look:

Pockets that hit higher than the biggest (i.e. roundest) part of your butt= mom jeans. 

Also important to note with the "mom jean" look, the back pockets of your pants should be (roughly) the size of your hand (unless you have freakishly small hands).  

Pockets that hit higher than the biggest part of your butt= saggy butt. 

Don’t let a good butt go to waste.