Favorite Things for Spring

1/// Microni Markers for taking notes, keeping up with my calendar and sketching outfit ideas. They don't bleed which is why I love them. 2/// My latest hair elastic obsession by Alex & Isabelle discovered in my Blog Better Boston (fantastic) swag bag. 3/// Kloraine Soothing Eye Makeup Remover with Cornflower (aka- the *best* eye make-up remover ever created). I was introduced to this product by Birchbox and immediately bought the full size version before finishing my sample. It's only $9 for 3.38 oz.! 4/// Jouer Lip Gloss in Birchbox pink (not longer available). Another Birchbox favorite that I ordered when my sample ran out. It's one of the only bright lip glosses I've found that actually allows you to build the color to the brightness you are most comfortable with. 5/// The latest addition to my sunglasses collection (on sale!) by Corinne McCormack from Anthropologie (no longer available online but might be hiding on a sale rack in stores!).

What are your favorites right now?


Karisse said...

The hair tie link didn't work. Why are they wonderful and where can I get them?

ncostyle said...

Link is fixed. Thanks for telling me. You can wear them as bracelet and then throw your hair up and they don't pull or snag your hair. Plus, a portion of their sales to the Connor B. Turnbaugh Foundation, providing financial support to families facing pediatric cancer.

Karisse said...

Oh thanks for the tip! I just ordered some! Can't wait to try them!