Shop Smart II: Shopping Trip Tips

1. Shop after a meal- It's never a good idea to go hunting for frocks and baubles on an empty stomach. Eating before you shop ensures that the clothes you buy will give as your body expands throughout the day. Your clothes should fit comfortably (think one to two fingers worth of slack) before you eat a big meal.

2. Bring Snacks- Protein is your best friend when you're shopping. Nuts and water are always a good idea to keep in your bag. If worse comes to worse, find a Starbucks.

3.  Wear the Right Underwear- By "right" I  means nude underwear and a nude, seamless bra. Both go well under anything. Don't forget a strapless bra if  you are planning on wearing one under whatever you are shopping for. Bring along a pair of Spanx if you are shopping for clothes that you would typically wear with shapewear.

4. Time it right- Two to three hours is the longest most people can shop before cognitive overload sets in and their hunger and attention start to get the best of them. Check out retailers you are interested in online before you go shopping. This will give you an idea of the stores you really want to check out and the places  you can skip if your energy starts to wane.

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Good tips. Thanks!