Do Your Butt a Favor

Thing are going to get a little radical around here in a sec. Ready?

The back pockets of your jeans should sit squarely on the widest and roundest part of your butt.

This fact is only getting more pronounced as skinny jeans continue to dominate. Nothing accentuates your butt more than a skinny jean so it’s really important to take a look at what’s happening with your back pocket situation with this style of denim. I don’t care what your body looks like or what gender you are. If the pockets of your jeans are not sitting on the roundest part of your butt, you’re doing yourself exactly *no* favors. Take a look:

Pockets that hit higher than the biggest (i.e. roundest) part of your butt= mom jeans. 

Also important to note with the "mom jean" look, the back pockets of your pants should be (roughly) the size of your hand (unless you have freakishly small hands).  

Pockets that hit higher than the biggest part of your butt= saggy butt. 

Don’t let a good butt go to waste.

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