Shop Smart I: 3 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Shopping Trip

If great weather doesn't inspire you to get into your closet and pull out some great stuff to wear then... you and I probably don't have a whole lot to talk about. Just kidding! I hate cleaning my closet but it's always a little easier if I tell myself I can go shopping--even if it's for something small--after I do.

To get the most out a your next shopping trip, you gotta do a little prep work. Here are three tried and true methods to making your next trip to the mall more productive.

1. Assess your closet.
Before you hit stores take a look inside your closet and think about what basics are missing. Do you find yourself wishing you grabbed a bunch of new t-shirts the last time you had the chance? Are you kicking yourself for not getting around to buying a pair of those brightly colored pants that you're seeing everywhere? Think about what items you find yourself wishing you had when you feel like you have nothing to wear.

2. Make a list.
Make a list of all the items you often wish you had in your closet but don't. Don't judge the length of your list or what's on it. Just write down all your little heart desires. You don't have to buy everything on your list.  In fact, you  probably shouldn't (in one shopping trip, anyway). Next assess what pieces you need the most from your list. How do you know what's the most important? Scratch off your list any desired items that cannot be combined with  items you already own to create two or three new outfits. Now prioritize the items you have left based on your budget and what you are most excited by.

3. Shop with Props.
In order to be sure you can create two to three new outfits with new items, you're going to need to bring some things from your closet with you (props). You can either bring or wear things you love and wear often or bring photos for reference. By having clothes (or pictures of clothes) with you when you go shopping, you can see if the items on your list pair well with what you like most in your closet. If you're not  sure if your new additions go with your existing clothes, try pairing thing together from the comfort of your home. Obviously just keep the tags on and your receipts handy. Whatever doesn't sparkle with the rest of your wardrobe goes back to the store. Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

I've been following your wisdom in doing this and it's so true! I need to look through my closet and make a list. I now carry the list with me so I only look for those things instead of just buying what I see. Never did the props thing...yet! time.

ncostyle said...

Happy to hear it helps! :)