The Perfect Collision: Interior Design & Fashion

When interior design and fashion collide, the world gets a little more exciting. I recently started noticing a few fashion designers using cane or wicker that mimics the look of cane, typically seen in home interiors, in women's handbag and shoes. The result is unexpected and refreshing against the brights, bold prints and neons that can be found everywhere from Bergdorf to Target for Spring 2012.  

R:  Sophia Coppola's (former) NY apartment featuring  a cane  Brentwood Armchair  
L: The Cesca Chair created by Marcel Breuer in 1928

One of the most iconic pieces for interiors made out of cane is the Cesca Chair by Marcel Breuer (left above) created in 1928 and named after his daughter, Francesca.  Cane furniture is often used to add visual interest and create contrast among textures (as in the photo above right). Cane in handbags and shoes can serve the same function and, as a neutral, goes with just about anything.   

How cool are these bags and the shoes by Tory Birch? Keep an eye out for more designs inspired by cane from Stella McCartney. I love the idea of pairing one of these bags with a printed summer dress or the wedge with a pair of white shorts and a classic tank when the weather gets warmer.  

                   Dove Grey Pembridge Braided Faux Vachetta Clutch, Stella McCartney

River Island Wicker Clip Top Purse, ASOS

River Island Wicker Top Roll Bag, ASOS

Dalcin Wicker Platform Wedge Sandal, Tory Birch

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