To Peplum or Not to Peplum?

L: Christian Dior       C:Jason Wu        R: Armani
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Peplum jackets, dresses and tops are having their moment for Spring 2012. What's a peplum? Glad you asked. It sounds a little like something you might have to go to the doctor to get "taken care of" but I promise it's not.  A peplum is an overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress. 

How do you make a peplum work for you? 

This style can be worn by everyone. You just need to find the right adaptation for you.
1) If you are lacking in the curves department, this is the item of the season to have in your closet. 
2) Not all peplums are as pronounced as the ones featured above. If you're curvy, a great option is the Wool Peplum Burberry jacket (shown below) for an understated take on this trend.
3) If you aren't sure how you feel about this look, go for a blouse or a top. It's less commitment than a dress or a suit jacket.

Top Row: Dress/ Dress/ Top/ Top
Bottom Row: Wool Jacket

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