Worth Reading, Worth Knowing- 2.22.12

  •  D.C. blogger, Emily Wall's quest to find personal style through scaling back her wardrobe. (Bright Young Things)
  • Downer alert: Are your skinny jeans harming your health? Well, so are flip flops, your purse and your Spanx. Don't go back to bed. We'll work it out. (WSJ)
  • New York Fashion Week is way over. Anyone wondering about the appeal of the fashion industry needs to take a look at this graphic from and behold the economic force of this industry (feel free to email it to your parents if you went to design school).  (via New Brahmin)
  • Hole yourself up in a closet. Now write, sketch and design. Jonah Lehrer explains why group brainstorming sessions don't work in the New Yorker.
  • Retailers are ordering mannequins in sizes 8-10. The average woman in the US is size 14.   ( 

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