Fast Fixes for Wardrobe Malfunctions

Style problem #1: The hem of your pants is too long  for flats but your feet are barking that it's time for a break from your heels.

Solution: Fashion tape or sturdy double-sided tape makes a great quick fix when you don't have time to get to the tailor (regular office supply tape might not be sticky enough). Just measure how much you need to take up your pant leg for them to work with flats. Line the inside of you pant leg with tape. Fold the extra fabric under all the way around and repeat with the other leg. It's a good idea to keep a little extra tape in your bag just in case your pant edge gets wet and the tape comes off.

Style problem #2
: You forgot to buy a racerback bra for that adorable tank you're dying to wear. (AKA:Who wants to buy another bra just to wear a tank top?!)

Solution: The quickest and cheapest solution for this problem is to stash Braza Magic Clip (which will run you around $4) in your closet. All you do is wrap the small strap around your bra straps and snap it shut. It keeps your bra straps in place and claims to relieve tension on your shoulders. I'm not sure about the last part but I know it will keep your bra straps out of sight when you're wearing a racerback top. If it relieves some tension too, all the better!

Style problem #3: Your favorite sweater is sporting too much pilling for the usual scotch tape trick.

Solution: A battery operated fabric shaver  is a little old school (or maybe I just think that because I love my mom's from the 80's) but this little guy really works. As long as you don't let the pilling build up too long, this should do the trick.

Style Problem #4: I have a job interview/ date/ important meeting and my black shoes are scuffed.

Solution: I offer this solution for a truly fast (and emergency) fix so keep that in mind before trying this one. A Sharpie is truly a miracle worker if you are in a bind with scuffed shoes. A few things to remember before you start coloring: the shoe has to be leather (not suede) or faux-leather. Consider the cost of your shoes before taking a Sharpie to them because once it's on there, you're stuck with it. Always test out how the marker will look on the leather in a spot where no one will notice before coloring a conspicuous spot. Try a small test spot where the leather meets the sole of the shoe on the inner of your foot. Last, always color in the same direction if you are going over a large area. Good luck!

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