Dresses & Cowboy Boots

Why this combo? Because Cowboy boots give an outfit a lot of personality and they're really comfortable. Dresses are the easiest item to have in your wardrobe. They're made to flatter a woman's body (...most of the time) and it's almost a complete outfit in one garment. A comfortable outfit with personality? Yes, please!

All it takes to make this look great is some awareness of what you're working with. Play with hemlines to find a length of dress that flatters your shape. Try boots that hit at your lower calf or right below your knee. Pair a cowboy boot with shirt dress or a geometric print to be sure you're not overdoing the country (unless that's your thing). If you're worried about looking too young in this outfit, stay away from tiny, childlike  prints (think hearts). Keep your cowboy boots relatively plain or stick to a dress that is monochromatic so your dress and boots aren't in competition.

Here are a few ways to adapt this look so you don't look like a cowgirl who got dressed in the dark.
Look 2: dress/ring/ bag/ boot

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Anonymous said...

I love absolutely EVERYTHING in this picture - the Dorothy Perkins dress is incredible.