The Obi Belt: Making Everything Old New Again

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For a small accessory, the obi belt does a lot of work. It's really worth considering donning one of these lovelies. Why? Because an obi belt can make your waist look smaller, pull an outfit together and create definition where there may not be much (giving the illusion of a hourglass figure). What? You want more from one accessory? 

Inspired by the sash used to tie a Japanese kimono, the latest incarnation of this trend can be found in every style vibe from classic and sleek to bohemian. Wear it with jeans and a tee to make a boring outfit standout or add it to a dress you're getting sick of to breath some life into your ensemble. Anyone can wear this accessory. Obi belts can be found in all price ranges from traditional retailers. Just don't forget Etsy which has some great options worth checking out too. 

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