Fall Accessories: The Classic Leather Tote

Almost every woman has a "go to" bag that she finds herself pulling out time and time again. A classic leather tote in a neutral hue like black, brown or a metallic is well worth the investment since it tends to be a piece you'll have for years and get a lot of use out of. That said, if you like to change your accessories often, it can be a good idea to go with a bag at a lower price point and switch styles with the seasons (although it is never necessary to change your bag to match the season unless you find yourself drawn to straw bags in the warm weather. Then it might look a little strange to tote that around when the snow begins to fall). Below are some styles in neutrals that are often forgotten but offer rich and versatile looks no matter what your lifestyle or budget.

Right: J.Crew, "Jericho"Tote in Dark Pewter, $258

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Suzy I said...

Ooooo - I love that you have a bag for every budget :)