Back to Basics: Building a Fall Wardrobe

A great fitting pair of jeans. Black pants that give you confidence. A simple tee that clings to the right places and leaves the others alone. A black dress that is so versatile you hardly remember what you did without it. A trenchcoat that (might) make you feel like a style icon. All of these items create the foundation of a wardrobe or "the basics". In the next several posts, I will focus on pieces that are considered wardrobe staples for most women along with tips on how to maximize these items to get the most use. I will also include suggestions of what to look for when shopping for these items. The aim of the Back to Basics series is to feature pieces that are applicable to everyone whether you're a stay at home mom, a teacher or an attorney.

Before digging in, it's important to acknowledge why these items are staples. Wardrobe basics are not essential simply because everyone owns them. Foundation pieces are often an afterthought in a wardrobe but are exactly the items we should spend the most time trying to get right when shopping. For most of us, time is limited, budgets steer cash in other directions and who really wants to spend hours shopping for a button-down shirt? While it's entirely understandable that shopping for these items doesn't make your heart race, spending a little extra time shopping for wardrobe staples can save you money, time and provide some piece of mind. With a well edited closet of foundation pieces that flatter your shape and proportions, you will feel pulled together and ready for any event life throws at you. Investing in pieces that are good quality, versatile and make you feel confident will pay off even if they are not the sexiest to shop for. The posts to follow are by no means a unique list. Many stylists and designers have offered similar lists of basics other places. I am not reinventing the wheel in these posts. What I am trying to make the case for is how beneficial it is to your time, wallet and sanity to spend some extra energy finding some basics that you feel great in.

First up...denim!

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