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Nicole Marett
 Founder, Radiant Cosmetics

Radiant Cosmetics is one of several socially responsible companies that Beauty & Fragility will be featuring over the coming months. The companies I will be interviewing all have one thing in common: they create a fantastic product in the beauty, accessory or fashion sector while also committing to giving back to their community, a great cause and the world at large. 

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month and Radiant's mission is to garner awareness about human trafficking by raising funds with cosmetics. Radiant has all kinds of fun giveaways and awareness raising campaigns up their sleeve this month so be sure to follow Radiant on twitter (@radiantcosmetics). Don't forget to join the fun with Beauty & Fragility and be a part of Radiant's "Kissing Slavery Goodbye" campaign. Snap a photo of yourself in your favorite lipstick holding the campaign sign (found here) on Wednesday, January 25th. I'll be featuring photos taken by the fantastically talented 4 L Creative  last week to support the campaign. Keep an eye out for them this Wednesday. 

Radiant Cosmetics founder Nicole Marett talked with Beauty & Fragility about the company's mission, recent trip to India and the company's most popular products. 

B&F: Why did you decide to partner your brand with the fight to end human trafficking?
NM: Ending human trafficking is something I’m passionate about. More than that, I have a desire to educate people. Until a few years ago, when I literally came face to face with human trafficking, I didn’t know this was an issue, let alone a huge one. I wanted to combine my personal passions for makeup and ending human trafficking. I also wanted to show that businesses can (and should) be agents of change in our world. What better way to showcase the beauty of helping others and make the world a beautiful place than with a beauty company?

B&F: You spent some time in India this month. What were you up to?
NM: Honestly, I spent the majority of my time in India learning. I went into my trip with the expectation of getting a better sense of what it looks like to help end human trafficking. I spent time with an anti-trafficking organization that is doing incredible work all around India. They’ve taught me so much about what prevention work looks like in trafficking. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to partner with them and the work they do there in a small way. I wanted to highlight their efforts and showcase to my customers various organizations that are fighting this on a global scale.

This particular organization runs a stitching center that teaches women vulnerable to trafficking valuable skills to empower them and give them a sustainable income for themselves and their families. These women will be creating makeup bags for our upcoming India collection. The collection will feature the bags and also an eye shadow collection to further highlight anti-trafficking work on a global scale.

B&F: Many people think that human trafficking is something that happens in other countries but not here in the U.S. Can you talk a little about trafficking here in the States?
NM: Most people are surprised by the statistics and realizing that this isn’t simply an overseas problem. It happens in our own backyards. I wanted to start with a domestic look and understanding of the problem which is why I chose to support Free the Captives which deals with trafficking in Houston, Texas, an area where trafficking is a prevalent issue. The Department of Justice estimates that 1 out of 5 human trafficking victims who come through America will be trafficked along the I-10 corridor (which runs through Houston). It happens everywhere.

B&F: The work you do with Free the Captives sounds both rewarding and heartbreaking. What gives you hope?
NM: I am a bit more behind the scenes than I’d like to be in terms of confronting human trafficking face to face. For all the numbers and personal stories that trafficking claims, there are stories and lives that are forever changed by organizations like Free the Captives. While helping save even one of the estimated 27 million enslaved around the world may seem insignificant, it isn’t to that person. You have to start somewhere. I find hope in the redemptive stories of victims. I also find a lot of hope in my customers, receiving touching emails from women who are choosing to get involved and put an end to this. That gives me hope to continue to support the incredible organizations here and around the world who are doing the amazing hands-on work.

B&F: Can you tell us about the “Kissing Slavery Goodbye” campaign?
NM: January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month so at Radiant we wanted to spend the month educating our fans, sharing ways to get involved, highlighting some incredible organizations and show how simply purchasing a lipstick could help end slavery. We decided to “Kiss Slavery Goodbye,” for awareness this month. Each week is a different “theme,” and we’re featuring lots of giveaways. Our first week was about Education and Awareness. Our second week focused on Fair Trade and Socially Conscious Businesses. This week we will be featuring lots of fun ways to incorporate our products and our heart to end human trafficking.

B&F: What is Radiant’s most popular product?
NM: It’s a tie between our Indelible Gel Eyeliner (my personal favorite) and our Matte Lipstick (more colors will be launching this month, FYI). 

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