Autumn beginnings

Beauty and Fragility is a blog about the beautiful and the fleeting. It's about capturing a feeling with your image and letting that feeling carrying you through your day. It's a mindset. This is not a celebrity style blog. This is a site that focuses on women of all walks of life who want to cultivate their own style to match their dreams, goals and schedule. This site will feature beautiful design of all kinds with a focus on fashion for women of all shapes, sizes, and budgets. Consider this your virtual look book for real life. The images found here are inspired by haute couture, ready-to-wear, thoughtful writing on body image, style, fashion, and culture. Beauty and Fragility provides inspiration and advice for creating a look that speaks to you and the world. Remember that feeling you used to get when it was time to head back to school? Possibility, excitement and hope: that's what this blog seeks to inspire. Welcome.

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